Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break '07

Over my spring break I had a lot of fun. To start out the spring break, my friend Missy had a birthday party out at a hotel over by the Mall of America. We spent the whole day out at the mall, but two of the people we were with didn't have I.D.'s so they had to wait at the entrance for a while. Then came back to the hotel and swam and met some new people. We stayed up most of the night and then left the next day. Once I got home, My friend Jennifer came over and spent the night. A good majority of the rest of the week was spent at my house. I had a couple sleep overs at my house, and went out quite a few times. I spent the night at my friend Kristina's house on Thursday night. She had her friend Mandy over there, too. We stayed up talking and watched a movie. Friday night I spent the night out in New Richmond, Wisconsin at my friend Mariah's. She had three other people over there with us. We all wanted to go out, but her parents said it was too late. She made plans to meet someone up at the gas station so her and one of her friends snuck out the window, thinking that they wouldn't get caught. I was told to stay back at the house with her cousin to keep an eye out for her uncle. The two people that went out, forgot their money at the house. We opened the window and threw out the money and her uncle came out side and busted them. Since I didnt sneak out, I got to stay out there. The girl that went with Mariah, had to go home at 1 in the morning. I went home and got to use the story to my advantage the next day and told my parents that I "avoided trouble". I spent St. Patrick's Day trying to go out. Three people invited me to different parties, but my parents didnt want me to go out with my friends because there were "too many drunk drivers out there". So it was pretty lame. Other than the couple days I spent at home doing nothing, I'd have to say I had a pretty eventful spring break.